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Processing time

1. Period of production
– Bulk takes 7-30 business days. (Depending on production queue)
– The packaging design has been completed. And the packaging sent to the factory takes 15-30 business days (depending on the production queue)
Note The number of days may vary, depending on the package type.

2. Formulation time
– Developed from the standard formula takes about 7 working days.
– develop new formula Or develop from another formula that interested customers take about 15-30 working days.
If the formulation after the sample. Considered a new development.

3. Packaging preparation for production
Customers can pack 5-10% of the actual order.
Case Equipment Manufacturing The company will send back the package with the goods.

4. Time to complete the document.
Take note. Food / Cosmetic products take about 7-15 business days.
Take note. The food supplement takes about a working day.

5. Design Period
The label label box takes about 7-15 business days (depending on the design queue).
Brochure Brochures take about 7-15 business days (depending on design queue).

6. Printing time
Printing labels, boxes, brochures, brochures, screens on various packaging. It takes about 7-30 business days (depending on the production queue.

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