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Siam Plus Coconut Oil Co., Ltd.

The leading environmental-conscious company. Focus on Commercial Excellence Continuing to develop product quality. And processing the products to the top of the country to meet international standards.

Organic Coconut Oil Natural Oil Cooking oil, supplements, skin care, cosmetics and spa products.

“Raw material and natural products center“

OEM / One Stop Services

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Dietary Supplement Products
Cooking Oil
Spa Amenities
– Massage Oil
– Hair Oil
Toletries Product
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Bath Oil
– Bath Soap
– Bath Gel Soap
– Mouthwash
Skin Care (Hair,Hand,Foot)
Body Treatment Product (Lotions,Scrubs,Masks)
Cleansing and Make Up (Cleansing Oil)

Our services include

Hotel & Spa Amenities
OEM / Private Labeling
Research & Development
Creative & Design Solutions
Brand Management & Marketing Support
Product & Tretment Trainings
Storage & distribution

Our production process is international standard.

International Production Process

Cold pressed coconut oil

Cold Press Extra Virgin by Centrifugation

Our product is different from another?

We are an organic coconut oil factory. Natural Oil Cooking oil, supplements, cosmetics and spa products as you need. We have been certified. And can produce products in time. That you define the customer.

Siam Plus Coconut Oil Co., Ltd. To produce the most quality products. To truly benefit consumers by international standards.

Certification and Test Report


We are both a raw material factory and a product factory that can control the cost of production.

Color and smell

White Buy it, do not change. The smell of coconut soft, not rancid smell because the method used. “Centrifugation system“


Our products are natural and organic in nature.

the taste

Easy to slip because of the moisture or water in the oil. It makes it easy to eat without irritation.


Our health and beauty products can be eaten and used throughout the body.

Absorption into the skin

Coconut Oil We have a value of Moisture and Volatile Matter = 0.03% to penetrate the skin very well.

Product age

Moisture and Volatile Moisture and Volatile.


Can be ordered in multiple channels.
Tel : (+66)61-641-1500
E-mail : sv@siampluscoconutoil.com
Line id : @siamplus

Transportation Services

We provide direct shipping service to our factory. Or private transportation Export to many countries.

Complete Brand

OEM Brand We have One Stop Service for both products. Label design and package not registered and export documents. Finished and ready to sell in one place.


Good quality, fast, clear, responsive for the modern lifestyle.

One-Stop Service

Ready to sell in one place.

Siamplus Coconut Oil

Our team

Professional product consulting and branding.


Managing Director

Managing Director

Production planning for domestic sales. And the quality. And in the early levels of the country.


Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Market research and development to meet the needs of customers.


Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager

Knowledge components And understand the tax law. Including financial analysis for organizations. And partner management techniques.


R&D Purchasing

R&D Purchasing

Keep records Product catalog GMP & HACCP is a standard form of ordering. Our products are fast and accurate.


R&D Cosmetic

Research and development team of cosmetic products

Research and develop quality products. With innovation. And meet the needs of customers over 10 years.


Sales Team

Sales Team

Customer service And counseling It is the heart of the sales department. For maximum customer satisfaction. Products and Services


Marketing Team

Marketing Team

Manage marketing for customers to find products. Or service from us easily. And always follow the trend of customers or society.


Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Provide a design that meets the needs of customers. And according to modern trends always. Creativity with modern techniques.











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บริษัท เดอะ เนเชอรัลลิสท์ จำกัด
80/12-13 หมู่4 ซอยแจ้งวัฒนะ-ปากเกร็ด 38 ตำบลบางตลาด อำเภอปากเกร็ด นนทบุรี 11120


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