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Product Description

Cooking Oil

Coconut oil for cooking 100% natural coconut oil through the process. Hot extracts are not free radicals when they are oxidized with oxygen in the air, because they are naturally saturated, do not require chemicals, do not smell rancid from the coconut oil. Can be used as a substitute for vegetable oil. It is resistant to heat up to 300 degrees Celsius, where the oil molecules do not change. Do not cause Cancer precursors Trans fat and cause “free radicals” in the body. So called It is the best vegetable oil suitable for health care.


(1.) The smell and the natural color Not bleach Or use chemicals to deodorize. I know that raw materials are made from 100% coconut.
(2.) Chlorine free (Choresterol 0%) is suitable for health lovers.
(3.) Use as a mixture of food or dessert. It’s a great way to make soap.
(4.) When cooking, there will be less smoke. Vegetable oil is commonly seen in the market.
(5.) Fry the oil is not black.
(6.) Used for cooking. To add to the taste.
(7.) The oil will not smell of coconut.

1. Saturated fatty acids

Saturated fatty acids are not rancid. When left in the air Because the chemical structure of this type of fatty acids is saturated, there is no room for oxygen in the air to catch and react until the substance has a rancid odor.

2. Caracal and monocarcin.

Although it is only 5-7% less, it is a supplement to Monolith. By changing Monocarcin is a similar activity.

3. lauric Acid

Lauric acid is a saturated fatty acid chain. Can change to fast liver energy, which is the most healthy saturated fatty acids. Lauric acid is a substance that makes coconut oil. It features more than any other oil.

4. Monolauric

Help boost the immune system by converting lauric acid into a mono-glyceride called “mono-laurin” that is a substance. The same in breast milk.

5. Vitamin E

It is an important vitamin that helps fight free radicals by preventing the cells from being oxidized with oxygen.

Additional Information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 20 cm



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บริษัท เดอะ เนเชอรัลลิสท์ จำกัด
80/12-13 หมู่4 ซอยแจ้งวัฒนะ-ปากเกร็ด 38 ตำบลบางตลาด อำเภอปากเกร็ด นนทบุรี 11120


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